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Battery changing systems save time, money and ensure
the utmost in safe battery change operations.

The Battery Shop is a dealer and service provider of Materials Transportation Canada Ltd. (MTC). MTC is the leading battery handling equipment manufacturer in the world, with state of the art engineering and economical design these durable machines are the battery changing solution for your business. Incorporating many safety systems and minimal battery contact, these machines provide ease of operation, organized battery storage and utilize very little valuable plant floor space. From large side removal systems for many changes per day to small portable side removal systems, The Battery Shop has the system to meet your business needs.

Available Equipment
Portable side removal systems are the economical way to meet the needs of small fleet battery changes. These units mount easily to your new or used pallet truck and allow the lift truck operator the ability to safely and easily change their batteries. The Attach-A-Puller comes in two models, one that is recommended for 10 to 20 changes per day and the other for 20 to 40 changes per day. The height of the unit is dependant on the pallet truck that it is mounted on. Also available is the EZ-Puller, a manual extraction design built for smaller battery fleet extractions.

Power Changers
Man Aboard Power Changers are designed for companies that have limited floor space and require 20 to 250 changes per day. These changers are designed for reliability and operation efficiency. Powered with a 15 HP motor these changers travel to a maximum of 170 fpm when fully loaded with two batteries. With the simultaneous lift they cut changing time down to an average of 2 minutes per change. All models are designed with numerous proximity safety switches and photo eye technology for maximum operator safety. These changers take up minimal floor space, allow the flexibility to add to your fleet without incurring large construction costs and are designed with the operators safety first. They are available from one to six stacking levels.

Gantry Crane
Gantry systems are specifically designed for changing batteries in sit down forklift trucks. These systems allow for easy expansion as your battery needs grow. The systems drive speed glides at a safe speed to keep the operator from dangerously swinging the batteries. Numerous configurations and options are available to design a system to meet the specific needs of your company.

Battery Racking Systems
These front loaded racking systems are designed to accept batteries from a Power Changer and Attach-A-Puller. They are designed to accept any size battery your fleet may have and conserve floor space. They also have the unique ability to hold charger shelves, mounted to the back or top. This allows the ability to create separate charging stations and precise organization of your batteries. Single to six level stacked racking available.

Acid Resistant Racking & Roller Racking
Acid Resistant Racking is designed for use in conjunction with the gantry crane system or the manual beam and lifting bracket applications. It features acid resistant charging surface, corrosion resistant interlay and high weight capacity. Racking can be purchased with or without charger shelving.

Roller Racks are designed for side removal systems and manual changes. They are an economical solution for companies with 1 to 10 changes per day. Roller racks are available with or without charging shelving.

Used racks available, please call The Battery Shop for further information.


Manual Lifting and Safety Equipment
The fork attachment is used in conjunction with a lifting beam. The fork attachment slides onto the forks of your lift truck and has a safety chain that attaches right to the forklift's mast to ensure no slip. These units are ideal for minimal battery changes of sit down forklift trucks or various maintenance battery lifting operations. The lifting beam is constructed with non-conductive material that ensures no shorting from the battery when in use. The non-slip hooks fit snug into the battery lifting holes and lock into place.

Watering Gun
The watering gun allows the operator to set the water of the battery to a predetermined height. It features an automatic shut off to prevent overflow during filling or charging operations. This gun also ensures the safety of the operator when watering a battery by sealing the battery filling hole. To be used in conjunction with the De-Ionizer System, to ensure non- contaminated water goes into your battery.

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