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New & Used Batteries For Almost Any Application.

New Crown Lift Truck & Pallet Batteries


The most dependable & durable lift truck battery on the market

“Only the Best, all the time”

We are an authorized Crown warranty service provided.

We service what we sell, and we only sell the best.

Crown Batteries

Used Lift Truck & Pallet Truck Batteries

When available these are great options for smaller operations where the lift truck is only used a few hours a day. In the right environment, you can get years of good service for a used battery.  All batteries have gone thru rigorous service and testing, to insure a minimum of 70% of original capacity.

  • Backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Delivery & installations by are trained and experience service tech.
Used lift truck battery

Commercial Deep Cycle Batteries

  • Crown, US Battery, Trojan, East Penn, Odyssey, Flooded, AGM, Gel & SLA

For Skyjack, Genie Boom, golf carts, floor scrubbers & sweeper, solar, back up power, dump trailers, Marine and RV Emergency lighting, for just about any battery powered piece of equipment.

Commercial Deep Cycle Battery
Commercial Deep Cycle Battery

Starting Batteries

We carry lead acid batteries for all starting applications, construction equipment, lift truck, generators, welders, boats, transport trucks, automotive.

Please Note: We are not licensed or insured to work on motor vehicles and therefore, we do not install or remove batteries from vehicles under any circumstances.

Batteries have to be removed from the vehicle, to be bench tested, for warranty evaluations, and in some cases, will need to be left overnight to be charged before testing.

Starting Battery
Starting Battery
Crown Battery
US Battery Company
Trojan Battery Company
Odyssey Battery Company
East Penn Battery Company
Battery Recycle

We buy scrap and surplus batteries and chargers.

Canadian Battery Association

We buy scrap and surplus batteries and chargers.

Canadian Battery Association Battery Recycle